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If you let it, drug addiction will take you on a barrel ride over a waterfall. Addiction will wreak havoc on your career and your relationships. It is important that you find the courage to seek help when you realize you need it. Sapphire Recovery drug rehab centers are always there for you when you need to get free of drugs. Turn to the help provided by our substance abuse treatment facility in Dothan, Alabama, and you will be ready to get on the sober path you need to find happiness in your life.


Drug Detox Center

One of the main reasons you should go to rehab is so that you can enjoy detoxing in a safe environment. We offer the finest managed detox experience, monitoring you at all times and keeping you comfortable inside our drug detox clinic in Dothan. The smart, safe way to go through withdrawal is being taken care of by our amazing staff.


High Level of Care

From the moment you enter our Dothan drug detox clinic, you will realize that our staff is extraordinary. Throughout your stay in our Dothan addiction treatment center, you will be impressed by the quality of the care our hardworking staff provides. We are passionate about providing the highest quality rehab care possible.


Caring Community

Our staff members aren’t the only people who will care for your during your stay at our Dothan addiction recovery facility. Your fellow clients will be there for you when you need them. During your group therapy sessions, you will share your story of drug addiction with them and the support you offer each other makes it much easier to make the challenging journey to addiction recovery.


Honesty Is Essential

While you are in rehab, it is vital that you are 100 percent honest with yourself, the staff and your fellow clients. Being able to summon the courage to be completely honest is not easy, but you must find a way to do it if you want to recover from drug addiction.


Safety, Support and Structure

We will make it as easy as we can for you to be honest. The main way we do this is by creating an environment that is ideal for you to go through rehab. Inside our addiction recovery center in Dothan, you will have all the support, structure and safety you need to get through rehab successfully. We are always willing to make modifications if necessary to keep you feeling as secure as possible throughout your stay.


Customized Addiction Treatment

Every client who comes to our Dothan addiction treatment facility is a unique individual. That is why we create an individualized addiction recovery program for each one of our clients. You can count on our customized addiction treatment to give you the best shot at getting sober and staying that way.


Dual Diagnosis

In addition to our excellent recovery care at our Dothan drug rehab facility, we also provide clients with the best mental health treatment as well. Getting this necessary mental health treatment is critical to ensure a successful recovery in the case of many of our clients.


Aftercare Available

When you exit our Dothan addiction recovery center, you don’t walk away alone. We provide you with an aftercare program to keep you moving forward in your addiction recovery. The support of aftercare is crucial as you transition from the safety of the rehab environment to the outside world.


The time is right to get sober. You know that you deserve to enjoy a life of sobriety. However, getting sober without any help is very difficult. Reach out for the assistance you need at our substance abuse treatment facility in Dothan, Alabama. Our impressive array of treatment options ensure that you have a great chance of learning how to stay sober for the long haul. Cast off the shackles of drug addiction today with the help of our effective addiction recovery program. You won’t regret it.